Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A gooD Nite sleep :)

Good sleep habits are one of single most important things you can undertake to improve. When you have good sleep, start each day with vital energy that can help you maximize your potential in all areas.  A lack of sleep will minimize your ability to perform any task and activity. 
Everyone is different  but one thing is for sure and that is whether you suffer from sleep apnea disorder  or just a light sleeper. You need a better sleep for your health and sanity.  A good guideline  sleep well is Temperature of your bedroom is vital to your sleep IT must be comfortable temperature if you want to fall sleep in quick and timely fashion. A room that too hot or too cold can create an environment of restlessness.
Sleeping at the same time every night is the best method for staying in tune with your circadian rhythms. If you have erratic bed times your body's production of sleep inducing hormones can be less than timely for your particular circumstances. Make sure you go to bed at the same time every night to keep your body tuned to a good rhythmical pattern otherwise getting good sleep will be hard to impossible. other than that, a nice warm bath can help relax all your muscles and clear your mind to get you in the perfect drowsy, ready-for-sleep state. If you are stressed or over-active then a bath will assist in sapping the restless energy you have and put you a more sleep conducive mindset. A calming music also can help you to drift  off into world of slumber, however your choice of music is important as well as the appreciation of your partner, who may not find music particularly helpful at all. It is a personal choice so experiment and be considerate if you do have a partner. you guy should have a good sleep...


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