Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Malam tadi makan malam terakhir la dengan kawan-kawan KPM..Maklum la dah last sem ni kan...uhuhu..Tema kali ni moderate and retro..not bad la tema nye xdela kene pakai kebaye o baju kurung je kan..hehehe..

Makan malam ni pun dibuat sebab nak bg anugerah kat dak2 yg cerdik kpm hahhaha...
aku telebeh pandai lak tuh..:p Event pun ok la jugak kan takde la boring sangat...tapi yang xok nye mmber2 ak yang tgah amik anugerah tak dapat makan abes pun sbb waiter  hotel tuh maen angkat je makanan tuh padahal xabes lg..cian kawan2 ak xkenyang...:)Chinese food lak tuh..ok la jugak cume xbape kenyang la kan makan tuh..perut melayu la kate kannnn....Last but not least windu la aku kat kawan2 aku nantu bile da abes study terutama roomate aku abby n anne...:) 


Saturday, 8 October 2011

mess nite

 October 2011 kali kedua aku attend mess nite ney dengan partner yg sama jugak mcm tahun lepas ak pegi..tahun lepas buat kat kem port dickson tapi kali ni up sikit la tempat nye kat Royal Bintang seremban..Malam yg menghibur kan la jugak..tp event last year lagi best even makanan die xsedap mana pun..skang betukar lak makanan sedap acktiviti lak kureng...ladies kat sana pun sume pasif2 je xsyok...kalu dulu macik2 kat sana bukan men lagi menari poco2 nye..kalah la yg mude2 ni.hehhee..:)

aktiviti yang ade pun mlm tuh music chair.karoke cabutan betuah la macam2 lagi la kan...Thanks la kat partner aku kapt.goerge n the gang la kan...ape yg penting sesi begambar tuh paling penting xkire kat mana pun...:)
abes event malam tuh pukul 1 pagi.then kiterg ramai2 peg mkn lagi kt maple temiang corner..tak taw la da bape banyak mkn malam tuh..then sampai je chalet msing da flet da...huhuhu...esok nye pulak smbung jalan lagi ke jusco seremban tengok muvi hijab!xboleh bla betul ending nye..So u all yg belom tgk tuh jangan la g tgk wat bazir duit je kan!! marah ney..;P ...then otw  balik ke melaka sampai dalam pukul 6 lebey cmtuh la...last but not least we enjoy la jugak last nite n experience pegi event2 formal mcm tuh..hehe


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Mini computer

Mini computer is multi user computer that lies in a middle range of the computer spectrum in between the largest multi user system such as mainframe computer and smallest single user system such as personal computer.IT also is a standlone linux software synthesizer for creating experinmental electronic sounds as its often used in but not limited  to industrial music Mini computer is free open sources software distribute under GPL 3. They maybe embedded processor in the system or other type of digital deviceThey have a rugged  frame when used  board ship and has specific power  and cooling requirement

Source from : wikipedia, http://www.tpub.com/content/et/14091/css/14091_28.htm and sourceforge.net

A gooD Nite sleep :)

Good sleep habits are one of single most important things you can undertake to improve. When you have good sleep, start each day with vital energy that can help you maximize your potential in all areas.  A lack of sleep will minimize your ability to perform any task and activity. 
Everyone is different  but one thing is for sure and that is whether you suffer from sleep apnea disorder  or just a light sleeper. You need a better sleep for your health and sanity.  A good guideline  sleep well is Temperature of your bedroom is vital to your sleep IT must be comfortable temperature if you want to fall sleep in quick and timely fashion. A room that too hot or too cold can create an environment of restlessness.
Sleeping at the same time every night is the best method for staying in tune with your circadian rhythms. If you have erratic bed times your body's production of sleep inducing hormones can be less than timely for your particular circumstances. Make sure you go to bed at the same time every night to keep your body tuned to a good rhythmical pattern otherwise getting good sleep will be hard to impossible. other than that, a nice warm bath can help relax all your muscles and clear your mind to get you in the perfect drowsy, ready-for-sleep state. If you are stressed or over-active then a bath will assist in sapping the restless energy you have and put you a more sleep conducive mindset. A calming music also can help you to drift  off into world of slumber, however your choice of music is important as well as the appreciation of your partner, who may not find music particularly helpful at all. It is a personal choice so experiment and be considerate if you do have a partner. you guy should have a good sleep...


i love korean drama

i love watch Korean drama because most Korean drama have their stories and episode well planned. The actor also have good looking and fashionable star.To see handsome and beautiful celebrities make me eager to watch the story more. Other than that in Korean drama they always put values of relationship such as family, friendship and romantic relationship. Korean drama don't show too much intensified emotion like character being raped, physically abused by relatives because she get poor.Most of the stories focused on human relationship and how to deal well with other people

From watch the drama i can learn Korean culture like bowing their heads when they greet someone,respect other peoples, eating  kimchi and having their wedding in modern and traditional way. These are the most obvious things i observe when watch once i watch Korean drama. Further more the song also really cool and enchanting to hear.One of the reason why i like watch Korean drama is background of the music of the scene. Although we not cannot understand the lyric it touches our heart. I like music from secret garden drama. It very enjoyable song. Hope you all watch Korean drama.

how to manage money well:)

How to manage money very well. There are three thing to avoid financial mistakes.

First is buying without looking for a better price and when making any kind of purchase at all  buying the first thing that suits your needs is often a mistake. With a little effort and research  you can find the same or similar item at a cheaper price and save money. Second is impulse shopping. You should make a list what you want to buy and don't purchase that not in your list. Third is letting your credit score drop. for example borrowing money. whether through traditional or peer to peer loans, credit cards or other sources it will help establish your credit history. Your credit history is viewable by employers, automobile insurance companies, and potential creditors. If you are late with repaying the money you owe, your credit score may suffer; consequently, you will  start having trouble obtaining credit, you could be denied a job, and your car insurance rates may increase, among other thing.


boonga shoes


Boonga shoes art is on-line boutique that dedicated to all shoes lover  who are seeking unique design  of shoes that teenagers wear nowadays. Their business is focus on the art shoes  since December 2008. Other than design shoes their business also provide other service such as t-shirt printing and supplies, koston skateboard, button badges, website design, grafic design and many more.
 For the price for shoes is affordable to all.For t-shirt the price is RM15 until RM30 above, RM1.50 for button badges a piece. To make order u can contact them at 0123455034 or email them Boongastudio.com

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Welcome to my belog... :)
My name is Nurul Farhana ~jUst Call mE Nana/Fana
Age?Ohw Rahsia...ngeee :p
Bydaway xde ape nak tulis kat sini
Just Salam Perkenalan :)