Wednesday, 28 September 2011

i love korean drama

i love watch Korean drama because most Korean drama have their stories and episode well planned. The actor also have good looking and fashionable star.To see handsome and beautiful celebrities make me eager to watch the story more. Other than that in Korean drama they always put values of relationship such as family, friendship and romantic relationship. Korean drama don't show too much intensified emotion like character being raped, physically abused by relatives because she get poor.Most of the stories focused on human relationship and how to deal well with other people

From watch the drama i can learn Korean culture like bowing their heads when they greet someone,respect other peoples, eating  kimchi and having their wedding in modern and traditional way. These are the most obvious things i observe when watch once i watch Korean drama. Further more the song also really cool and enchanting to hear.One of the reason why i like watch Korean drama is background of the music of the scene. Although we not cannot understand the lyric it touches our heart. I like music from secret garden drama. It very enjoyable song. Hope you all watch Korean drama.

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