Wednesday, 28 September 2011

how to manage money well:)

How to manage money very well. There are three thing to avoid financial mistakes.

First is buying without looking for a better price and when making any kind of purchase at all  buying the first thing that suits your needs is often a mistake. With a little effort and research  you can find the same or similar item at a cheaper price and save money. Second is impulse shopping. You should make a list what you want to buy and don't purchase that not in your list. Third is letting your credit score drop. for example borrowing money. whether through traditional or peer to peer loans, credit cards or other sources it will help establish your credit history. Your credit history is viewable by employers, automobile insurance companies, and potential creditors. If you are late with repaying the money you owe, your credit score may suffer; consequently, you will  start having trouble obtaining credit, you could be denied a job, and your car insurance rates may increase, among other thing.


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